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After some thought

August 17, 2006

I wonder now why i’m doing this. “Dang, it was too had to resist” works, but nope, not very well at all. Since this won’t last long (tsk, what pessimism) I suppose typing stuff won’t do any harm (except lead me to type more and prolong this, er, whateverness). I have no idea what to put in here – I thought I did, but apparently not after all. I suppose I’ll just toss in a plug to the other unupdated site I have and see if it gets a visitor…?

Here you go. (Edit – er, forgot the warning label: most of this was written some time ago so be careful, it’s pretty angsty and possible bizarrely nasty stuff. Which I hope I’ve outgrown, reading it kinda creeps me out.)

I guess I still have a bit of stuff to talk about: Excuse the misspelling/grammatical nonsense/self made words/any other discrepancies that gets on your nerves. The Internet’s prime language is a much butchered and abused English, I just prefer to keep it as pure as possible, though I am a nerd after all. So excuse the odd RotflolwtfBBQz now and then.

Was this a short post? I don’t have experience blogging (though I’ve had a diary sometimes) and putting up private junk to be ogled over is just not my thing, however much that might please some people. (Oops I think I just stepped on a whole lot of people’s nerves there) So anyhow, think of this as a journal, a repository of the odd existentialist/ generally philosophical/ethical ramblings or just a whole lot of (as someone put it really well earlier today) brain diarrhoea (I had to google the spelling of this word. I apologise).


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