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August 19, 2006

I have no idea what to post here at all. I assume most readers would like to hear something interesting. But then there aren’t any readers here anyway. So I suppose I’ll post a story. Yes, a story, that’s bound to be interesting. Or maybe not.
This is completely fictional, by the way.

Now to think of a story. Um.

Once upon a time. Life began on Earth, and evolution, of all things. Stuff happened. Rodents stood on two feet, and called names at each other. They named themselves Man. Time passed, as it always does. Many evolved rodents-on-two-legs died, naturally, and unnaturally. Mostly unnaturally, for these rodents enjoyed murder as if a sport. It was sport, for a time. But that stopped. In most places, anyway.

This tale is about a rodent by the name of Mouse. Mouse had a family, you see, a young rodent wife and three little rodent children. It had a job as well, a good job, which it loved. One day, as Mouse commuted on its way to the rat race (har har bad pun.) it saw, along the road, another rodent standing by a tree on its two evolved feet. Mouse stopped, curious as a cat (another bad pun. har de har har.) and asked the rodent, “What are you doing by the tree?” or something to that effect. The rodent – it was a white one, with lovely eyes – turned its gaze to Mouse.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

Answer me this, and get yourself a cookie.


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