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Jingle jingle. Philosophy essay.

August 20, 2006

**Excuse the writing style, it’s a bit, um, accusatory? Ignore the freakiness, or just ignore the text entirely. This is just notes/brainstormy idea-ish thingys
To define dream – there are two ways of interpreting the word, one as a ‘wish’ sense, as in “Bill dreams of becoming an astronaut” as opposed to the go-to-sleep dream, such as “I had a bad dream yesterday night, a potato was chasing me down the mall dressed with a skillet.”

To define reality – What is real, based on the view of the realist: reality refers to everything and anything existing in the world in any time… or perhaps more like in a specific time, ie: the present? And the idealist might claim there is no reality aside from one’s mind – the “I think therefore I am” idea, as Descartes famously said.

Using these definitions (the second one for dream/ first for reality, for that would be more philosophical) what differences would there be between dream and reality?

1) While you are awake (define awake, hey?) you ‘know’ (how do you know?) that you were dreaming… Whilst you dream you have no notion of ‘reality’, do you? Assume no. Might want to refer to the Matrix? GiTS? Anything usable from those? (Yes, expounded in no 2.)
Psychology – supposedly there are methods in reality to be ‘aware’ of and ‘control’ your dream, yet it’s quite apparant that there’s no way when you are dreaming to become aware of reality and make a change in it, yes?

2) With fact 1 established (what the heck is fact 1 anyway) –> Um, you don’t know of the existence of reality while in a dream. If the Matrix-proposed theory that there’s another ‘world’ out there is correct, then we do not know of that world, yes? Then how do you know that the current reality is not a dream? Or specifically, what difference is there between reality being a dream/dream being reality?

And if, like the Matrix, you can ‘escape’ reality to go into the other ‘Absolute Reality’: How do you know that this ‘Absolute Reality’ is different from Reality, or Dream?

3) Possible also to include the idealist interpretation of reality? Know nothing exists aside from the mind. Dreams prove existance of mind, but not existance of reality, therefore negligible differences between the two?

4) Pragmatic view, you get your arm cut off in a dream, but that won’t happen in reality will it? You die in reality, you probably will never dream again. So… reality = source of dreams but dreams =/= source of reality. And that’s that.


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