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August 24, 2006

Thus shall the post conclude.

Okay, that’s a bit too irresponsible. I take that back. Instead I’ll start up a discourse on why blogging is a bit sad (not bloggers, mind you. Blogging.) I make the assumption that toes will be trod upon, so if you don’t like what you’re seeing, might as well close this window/tab now (btw, here’s a Firefox tip. Clicking the middle mousewheel button at the tab itself closes that tab *gasp*)

Now I will begin. Since I’m blogging too, whatever I say will include me as well. It’s a cry, you see, a cry for attention. In a spate of laziness, have a look at what I’ve written previously here, to make things easier for me and you (me, mostly). A blog is a record, similar in principle to the written/printed word. Its permanance is assumed most of the time, and its accesibility, or potential of accessibility is massive. In my case, I (naively?) assume someone someday will come along and have a look, and maybe like what he/she/it sees. That unknown entity is who/what I write for, usually, apart from personal-satisfaction-ish reasons.

Anyhow, to the point. Regular people blog for regular people. The point is to be read, and being read by other people, might it not prove/reaffirm your existance? It hurts to be ignored, it is a human fear. And humans naturally avoid pain (with some odd exceptions; i.e. S&M buffs and the like =P) Posting on a blog gives the possibility of attention, as I said, and people thrive on attention. It says, ” You are alive, because I know you are; I am alive, because I know that you know I am alive.”

Anyone who disagrees is welcome to comment. I like my existance affirmed. 🙂


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