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I Wanna Make You Crack (Up)

September 2, 2006

Unless you’re Humpty Dumpty, of course (I apologise if that indeed is who you are). In the endless search of a catchy title I have come up with the lame one above that you, my guillable friend, clicked anyway. Happy April’s Fool Day on the 2nd of September!

Now, for the crack up part. I hear it’s easier to make people cry than to make em laugh. But then, when have I ever done things the easy way (always)? Now to make you laugh (cry) with my ZOMGWTFabbly awfool (er, sic.) English!

Well, actually I don’t have the heart to do that to the poor blog (ooo I’m so English-elitisty. In fact I’m so elitist I just clicked on the spellchecker! Gasp!) . So you’ll miss out on that one, folk(s).
Did I make you laugh? Ah. Just as I thought. (What did I think? OMG, tautology! Ok, not really. Not at all, in fact.)

So here you go – word of the day: tautology – Needless repetition of the same sense in different words; redundancy. Details

It’s like saying… The apple pie contains apples. The discovery of the (as of yet still new-ish) millenium!



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