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Death and Stuff

September 4, 2006

Okay, today I’ll be talking about why suicide is a demonstration of the highest stupidity there is. Particularly when the suicider in question is below, say, 60 years of age, unimpaired, above the poverty line and, you know, generally pretty much alive.

What makes me qualified to insult people who wanna die? Have I ever experienced suicide? Hell no. Have I ever attempted suicide? Nope, I think a it’s ridiculously dumb thing to do. But… Have I ever thought of attempting suicide? Darn, you got me there. But then again, who doesn’t think about death every now and then? Doesn’t make me special. Doesn’t make you special either, for that matter.
So why is suicide dumb? I won’t be talking about the pain to everyone out there and all that crap (well, it’s not crap per se, I assume most people who consider suicide would at least be intelligent enough to consider that factor and set his/her affairs in order. Please do that, save some people a bit of time)

Well, the result of suicide is self evident – it’s being dead, of course. Why then do you want to die? Because, dumbass (as you tell me) I don’t want to live. Oho. (See tautology, in one of my previous posts, I don’t know which) Why do you not want to live? Because *insert problem here*. Well, why don’t you solve that problem? Because I can’t. Why can’t you? Because it’s too hard. Why is it too hard? Because I can’t do it (Well there’s plenty of other reasons I could put here, but that’s what it boils down to). Why can’t you do it? Because it’s to hard. Why is it too hard? Because I can’t do it. Why can’t you do it?

So much for a clear logical argument, following after the rather slippery slope-ish argument (Word of the day II – Slippery slope: A tricky precarious situation, especially one that leads gradually but inexorably to disaster) Suicide is a purely invalid logical argument.

But what does dying have to do with logic? Well, plenty enough of nothing, but sufficiently enough of something to give pause. This post is getting too long, I think I’ll continue on later, to give myself more stuff to write about for next time, and to give you guys a break.

So you wanna give it a try anyway? Well. I suppose it won’t harm you to give you a few pointers. Check this out (Warning – Opens in new window):


Well maybe that wasn’t so enlightening. Look at this one instead. I swear it’d be more helpful:


Changed your mind? Or maybe you think it might not be such a great idea after all? Then look at this, mate:


Time to end this post, it’s waaay too long. Here’s my catchy ending line, obtained from playing Solitaire to the point of many $600 debts.

Life is hard. Deal.


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