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IsSaSsY! #1 Location. x3

September 12, 2006

Yes, I think I’ll start writing this after all: I should Study and So should You (Pardon the bizarre capitalisation) – Tips and Tricks to Studying without Your Brain Popping out Your Ears!

Well here’s a good one. Find a nice quiet place to study, someplace where you don’t typically do many alternative activities (i.e. sleeping, eating) that may distract you from what you’re supposed to be doing (i.e. study, which is what I ought to be doing now, to be sure). A study table would be good, a study room, why not. Or someplace where you don’t stay at for long periods of time, yet when you do, typically some sort of reading material is brought along to alleivate the boredom. Yes, my friend, if you don’t have a study room or a reading table, I suggest most humbly…the toilet. Don’t forget to take off your pants! It’s the royal seat of the home after all. All your earthly needs satisfied! (Except food, but I won’t go there. Ew.) But make way for the needy. Please.


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