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Good Stuff for Lazy People! GSfLP #1: The Basics

September 13, 2006

Yep, exactly as the title says. Here’s a listing of stuff that lazy people (myself definitely included) who can’t bother looking for good software/sites/stuff might want to have a look at, just to make your daily computing/non-computing life happier (peace of mind, anyone? I haven’t found it yet 😥 )

I start with the very basics, if you don’t have these stuff, stop reading this. Stop right now, and go get the program. Go, your life will be all the better for it. (Over-dramatizing alert!)
FIREFOX, people. Or Opera, if rarely used (this is brutal, but true) but good (damn it’s good) software makes you elitist-ly happy.

Um, Windows? Well, it’s not perfect, but 90% of software are made for Windows after all. But then, if you’re reading this, I assume you already have an operating system and don’t need my advice. At all. But I’m just declaring here (for the express purpose of making more enemies, whee!) that I don’t trust Apple.

CCCP! Combined Community Codec Pack! Here. It’s a codec pack (Duh) that plays enough. Especially for people who watch lots of normal video format (anime, anyone?) Media Player Classic and Zoomplayer included!

Spybot/Ad-aware. Yes, free anti-spyware software. If you haven’t heard of this……… Never mind. And Avast, for good antivirus software; free of course.

CD ripping/music converting, that sort of stuff, there’s some pretty good free stuff for that too – CDex, to rip, Switch, to convert. Not much else I can say though. But this one is important: Winamp, to play almost everything under the sun… in style.

Had enough of links to inane sounding thingies you’ve never heard of? No worries, me too. So I’ll sign off here for now.
Next issue: GSfLP #2: The Alternatives.


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