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IsSaSsY! #3 Notes to Self

September 17, 2006

Yup, now shall I teach you how to write notes. Can you read your own writing? If the answer is yes, then well done. Here’s some basic notes about writing notes (by the way, this is my personal opinion only)

1) It’s only you who will re-read the notes, so who cares how neat the notes are, as long as they’re legible to you, bully to everyone else.

2) Use piccys. Draw mind-map styled notes. Learn the Buzan’s whatever mind-mapping methods, if it helps. Stick in arrows, dashes, more arrows, circles, all those and more. As long as it’s sufficiently entertaining.

3) Honestly, for myself, I rarely reread my notes unless exams are looming most unpleasantly above my head. But make those notes, you won’t regret it.

4) LISTEN IN CLASS. Don’t go talking to that pal you’re sitting with even if you’re still paying attention to the teacher. Give the teacher 100% attention. Put down on paper what he/she/it is emphasizing in class. More probably than not it will be an important part of the finals (especially if your teacher is the one setting the papers). LISTEN.

There ought to be more of these, but the little electric impulses that work my brain are running very fast out of figurative batteries. So long.


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