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October 1, 2006

Because I thought it would be nice to share (with all the /nobodies/ people who read this), plus it’s good for posterity, i.e. twenty years from now, if WordPress still exists, and I haven’t overloaded the archives, I can take a look at what I listened to in October 2006 and say “God, what crappy music I liked”, or “This is kind of embarassing, but what the hell, I might as well listen to this again”.

So, here’s a list of (good/notable) music (more like singers/bands/composers) in my playlist.

Um, beginning with rock:
The Pillows
World’s End Girlfriend (more like alternative music?)
L’arc En Ciel
Guns n’ Roses
Led Zeppelin
Asian Kung-Fu Generation (no, seriously)
Foo Fighters
The Beatles (um, pop? But they really are good)
The Corrs (not rock, but hey)
F.I.R. (not bad)

Vocalists (mostly, if not completely, female)
Utada Hikaru
Teshima Aoi
Nakashima Mika
Penny Tai
Kelly Flint
Tori Amos
Sarah MacLachlan
Faye Wong
Sun Yanzi
Fish Leong
Rebecca Pidgeon
*Whoa, they really are all female.

Classical/ Anime/ Game music Composers
(Yes, it’s strange to dump them together, but they’re all composers, and good ones too)

Jeremy Soule
Yuki Kajiura
Yoko Kanno
Yousei Teikoku
The composer of the music in Haibane Renmei. Unfortunately I don’t know who it is, and I lack the energy to google it.
Maksim (not a composer, but he plays classical (fusion?) so I’ll just put him here)

Other notables (as in, I don’t have many of their songs, but they have good voices)
Alan Brey – A place for me and you (comp. Yoko Kanno)
Kimiko Itoh – Follow Me (um, ibid.)
Origa (ibid.)
Emily Bindinger (comp. Yuki Kajiura)
See Saw (ibid.)
Fictionjunction Yuuka (ibid.)
Hirano Aya
MELL – Red Fraction
Orikasa Fumiko (amazing voice actress)
Thom Yorke
Ally Kerr
Saeko Chiba
Ishikawa Chiaki

And I’d better stop here before liquefiying too many minds.


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  1. Actually, when I think about my music tastes, I’m always reminded how when I’m old, my kids will, think my tastes were ass, just like how I thought my parents’ tastes were ass. But I wouldn’t care anyway, and I’d continue to listen to what I liked…just like my parents did. Doh!

  2. I feel like adding a bit more to this in, um, posterity I suppose, or demonstration of my updated tastes.

    Recently I think I’ve become more rock (and look at Tim Minchin’s video of the song “So Rock”). Well I’ve always been quite a fan of good beats and rock has plenty of good beats.

    So, the music:
    The Faint >> Glass Danse! <> Cain <> Suburban Sprawl and Alcohol <> “I am so **cking rock; so goddamn rock -” <<

    Also, Yui and Nana Mizuki are good. And Uh Huh Her, everything they have is good, very good :O

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