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GSflP #2 Alternatives

October 4, 2006

Finally I got around to writing this… I’ve been putting this off way too long (like anybody cares). So here’s Good Stuff for Lazy People Issue #2: The Alternatives.

OpenOffice? If you’re like me, and you don’t want to waste what, 500 bucks (or 5 bucks, winkwink nudgenudge. This is M’sian currency, btw) to get Microsoft Office, go get OpenOffice today! Perfect (and the only free) alternative for MS, though perhaps a bit slow at times (boo) .

Foxit Reader . Who needs the big and bulky behemoth of Adobe Reader anyway (well it’s pretty much free, if I’m not mistaken, but still…) when you’ve got Foxit, this very zippy reader program that comes in about 1.26 mb? For free at that too.

I’d be suggesting Windows alternatives too, but I’m a n00bie that hasn’t tried any ever, so I won’t. But I hear Ubuntu is popular.

Alternatives to Windows Media Player! Finally! For music: Winamp. For video, Media Player Classic, or Zoomplayer (that comes along in the CCCP, aka Combined Community Codec Pack, which I covered previously.)

Another alternative to that Windows drive cleaning utility: CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner, as I believe it to be called). Hardcore crap remover right here.

This might possibly be treading on the fringes of legality, but here’s an ‘alternative’ of sorts to the Gameboy Advance: Visualboy Advance. Downloads of ROMs (or game files) are available on the Internet, of course, but might I add that only ROMs of games that you already own legally should only be obtained, for various copyright-y reasons.

I can’t think of any other noteworthy alternatives right now, I’m sure there’s plenty more though, so if you’re ever in need of free stuff that do things not-free stuff do, don’t hesitate to not call me up. Do a Google search instead.


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