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Something or Other About Writing and Wishing

October 7, 2006

I wish I could write.

I wish readers would look at the stuff I write and say “Oh, this kid can write!”, then continue running with scissors. I wish for more money (that’s not going to happen) and I wish for more brains (though how am I dissatisfied when I’ve never even measured how much brains I’ve got? /Brain says “Shush, you weren’t supposed to say that, you idiot. Everyone’s supposed to want to be smart. Government leaders are exempt.”/). I wish for world peace (and this qualifies me to enter the Miss World competition, whee!). I wish for a cure to AIDS and cancer (this should happen… eventually). I wish for all the books I could ever want, and the power to read them without vomiting blood and dying at the ripe old age of 92, having spent all the time since acquiring the books reading, and reading, and reading, and… Back to the topic.

I have written stuff that I liked, but there’s plenty that I don’t particularly… Well, some are crap. I guess it’s a bit like, I dunno, dredging for gold, or picking your nose… lots of nothing, but you do it anyway, and when it’s successful, it’s pretty darn satisfiying. Isn’t it? Anyhow.

I wish I wasn’t going to do the Nanowrimo this year, but by all that is holy/unholy/teetering somewhere between the two/ tastefully self-excluded, dammit, I shall. Because I shall show the world that even if I can’t write, I can throw together a ridiculous mishmash of words enough to occupy the 50 thousand words I am supposedly meant to call a ‘novel’ and later prance about (I say prance, due to the hallucinations bound to be brought about by lack of sleep), wielding the funky jpeg (or is it a gif) that says I am a Nanowrimo winner. I am. Really, I am.

And I should at least do a bit more plugging for Nanowrimo: it’s National November Writing Month, where you write a novel at least 50 thousand words in length in the month of November. As you might have already surmised. Check out their web page here.

I recall a phrase that goes something like: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” And so I do.



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