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Copping Out

October 10, 2006

Again. I won’t be saying anything furthur, as it is obvious I have nothing to say apart from repeated observations about obligation. Here’s a story I heard today that made me smirk 😉

The name of this story is apparently the King Arthur story. King Arthur had lost a battle and being sad and tired, sat down to have a rest. He observed a spider attempting to construct its web. In order to do so, it had to jump between two gaps first of all, so that it could then beging to weave its web. Now, the spider kept jumping and jumping, but every time it kept falling short. After some time the spider made it across the gap and so it could now spin its web.

… The moral of the story is, I suppose, not to give up (though I think there’s more than one moral in this story; something along the lines of one needing to begin something properly in order for everything to come together… something like that).  It is a story chock full of moral values. Unfortunately it has barely anything to do with King Arthur. Ah well.

Good evening.


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