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Eh. Words.

October 13, 2006

Just more and more thoughts. This time it’s about words, why people who know the meaning of a complicated/rare word will try to use it in everyday conversation. Well honestly I have no idea why people do that – word-dropping, I mean. I do it too, really. Topic titles like ‘rant’, ‘belly lint’, ‘rambling’, ‘supercalifragilisticexpadoliocious’… Things that one expects genteel, educated people to understand, and be impressed because, I dunno, they have a… genteel, educated aura about them? (And I just word-dropped. Sorry. I take back the apology if you didn’t notice though. Because it shows you’re genteel and educated. ;P)

Another thing about words. This one is about spam and how it’s getting more intelligent. My Gmail account’s Spam category now catches emails that have random word topic titles and excerpts that, though at closer look are clearly unintelligible and evidently randomized, are still easy to mistake as legitimate non-Spam. Personally I think they may be making use of ‘popular’ word lists to generate these eye catching (should I call them that?) titles and texts… They even appear to be grammatically correct (at a cursory glance).

Feeling bored? Count the number of word-drops I, er, dropped. G’evening.


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