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Viable Internet Business Venture?

October 16, 2006

Creating a user dependent website that will give money to users according to how many ads they click (money comes from advertisers). Maybe say… click 100 ads to get, I dunno, a few dollars (do advertisers even pay that well? I don’t know the rates, sad to say.) Problem: will there be advertisers willing to pay when, what, 99% of the users will so obviously just click and close the ads?

Another one would be having this huge pot where people can donate as much money into it as they want, and withdraw as much as they want too. Problem is, what’s stopping people from making bogus accounts and then taking out as much $ as possible? The idea itself sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme (and I could abscond with the moolah anytime I want, whee!)

But I have a catchy name for them already: “QuickBuck”, or “Extra Buck” and, I dunno, “Another Dollar” sounds nice to me… But I have little naming sense.

Anyone interested in the ideas? Can think of solutions to the problems? Wanna help me test em out? Feel free to chat šŸ˜‰ Remember, you saw it here first!


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