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Ode to Shallowness. Whee.

October 31, 2006

You can’t see what’s in another’s heart. (Or at least I can’t. Sad, innit?)

You can’t hear another’s thoughts. (Ditto to this one)

What you can see or hear, however, are faces and voices. Material, uhm, matter.

So why should you not judge by appearances?

What’s wrong with book covers anyway? I always judge new books by their covers. Always. Covers that aren’t that nice hint at the possible fact that the publisher didn’t like the book well enough to bother getting it a nice cover… Or maybe the writer was so desperate to get published he/she/it didn’t care about the crappy cover. Nice covers are an indication of expectations that the book will sell reasonably well (at least that’s what it seems like to me).

But I disgress. Obviously. Well, s’not like I have anything else to say. Shallowness is fine, especially when you hide crocodiles in it. I mean, um, yeah. Right, whatever.


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