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IsSaSsY! #7 Why Study… Math.

November 1, 2006

As the title says. Why should you study math? (I say you, because I already like math, and therefore am exempt… Not really.) Anyway, here is why knowing math is a good thing:

Never get ripped off again! (Unless you’re stupid, in which case you wouldn’t know math either) It’s so easy to get cheated by those pesky scammers from the nation of X, all the more when you have a helpless credit card. Protect your credit card today by knowing that you only used it to buy a $10 comic book, and panic sufficiently when your card bill shows $10,000. Whee.

Get a nice job doing accountings and stuff, if that floats your boat. Well actually I rather dislike the tediousness of accounting. But it’s good to know if you ever run a business, what goes out and what comes in. And extra good to know if what comes in is more than what goes out. Definitely.

Confuse other non-math people with funky math talk! Whip open your calculus textbook and pick the most utterly useless conversion terms. And use them in regular conversation. Then savor the reactions people give you: befuddlement, terror, or -this is rather undesirable… – understanding nods.

Understand the parabolic trajectory of that football going in a circular arc heading right towards your face. Determine and predict its exact location in 1.43501567 seconds. What, you don’t know math? Too bad.


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