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Living 99 years, Sleeping for 33 of them.

November 2, 2006

That’s old news, something everyone and a half will know how to calculate.

Humans typically sleep 8 hours a day (well humans are supposed to, in any rate).

8 hours is a third of a day.

Following that argument we go on to conclude that we spend a third of our lives asleep. (It may be an overstatement, true, but not by that many years)

Maybe I should mention something or other about the profundity of dreams then. But I can’t quite think of any. Well at any rate I’ll remark creativity seems to jump at that thin boundary between “consciousness” and dreaming. For me anyway. Could that be considered lucid dreaming? I dunno. And it’s far easier to think of things to write while spacing out rather than thinking so hard about it and coming up with crap… There is a mental effect, but I don’t know what it specifically is. Do you?

I have disgressed.

edit: Woo, 50th post! Nothing special for some, but bully to them. Actually this might not be exactly the 50th… Bleh, whatever.


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