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This is Not Right.

November 6, 2006

Political commentary warning. Conspiracy theorists, Rise! Yes, this is probably in violation of some rule or other about “sensitive issues” but I’m saying it anyway.

Saddam Hussein should not have be sentenced to death. Don’t ask me what he should have been sentenced to, I state here that I totally do not know law (apart from that one phone call in case of arrest thing) and thus am not particularly predisposed to making judgements about “crimes to humanity”.

It’s all about scope isn’t it? Humanity is made up of 6 billion people and counting. As far as I could ascertain from newspaper reports, Saddam was under trial, no, not for possesion of the hallucinatory “weapons of mass destruction”, but for ordering the death of a village of hundreds of Shi’ite Muslims. Is that correct? Very well then. He was also president of Iraq. Let us then make comparisons (I wonder if an argument using comparisons differering vastly in scope makes it invalid/a fallacy?)

Everyone knows the president of the most powerful nation in the world. This man ordered an invasion on a democratic country on the grounds of seeking aforementioned WMD which were, as all know, never found. Old news, yes. Whatever.

Okay, comparison time. As we all know, over 1000 US soldiers have died in Iraq. Many more Iraqis have died, far more than the US soldiers. By invading, and essentially declaring war on Iraq, the United States have directly caused the death of hundreds of thousands. Do not say the president was not aware of this possibility. And yet it was agreed to. For what purpose? Was anything gained except for even more bloodshed? What was the economic benifit of the invasion?

If the causing of many deaths are valid as a crime against humanity, tell me, which action had the larger scope? Which action was detrimental to more people? Death is death, once someone is gone, he/she isn’t coming back. If all lives are equal, don’t 100000 lives outweigh 10000?

I do not claim to know the details to this matter. I do not attempt to, I don’t know, spread sedition or anything. What I do here is merely stating the facts, and making one comparison, which I am sure has been made by better people than myself. It is not me who will make decisions or have opinions (I’m not American, by the way, do not associate me with them. I mean nothing derogatary by that), it is you, the reader.

If you don’t hear from me any more I suppose I’d have been arrested for being seditious. Au revoir, cruel world! ;P


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