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Lazy Excerpt, Page #3

November 8, 2006

Oh, Alfred! What a lovely surprise,” said the woman – who was rather lovely herself – from the umbrella shaded table at the patio just a few halls away from the study. The young man beside her nodded. “Hey dad, Ayla. Lani made some scones. Tea?” The writer smiled and nodded, taking a seat by Lani. Ayla took the one beside him and the young man.

Thanks Killy, “ she grinned. “That’s Killian to you. Unless you want me to call you Aylie, mademoiselle Ayla Muirgen.” Ayla made a face and stuck out her tongue, thereupon inciting a murmur from Killian. “Whoa, another piercing? The silver balls sure do look hardcore,” he remarked. Ayla shrugged. “Not really. Just wait till you see my other friend, now that’s extreme.”

:”Bah, you always have another friend who’s more extreme than you are,” Killian replied. “In the last month you’ve gotten, what, three piercings and another tattoo?” Ayla blinked. “Weeell… Actually, um, I’m having another tattoo done, by a friend of mine.”

What? Gawd… At least I hope it’s something cool looking that won’t look like a molten crayon drawing when you’re eighty two. Not a, say, smoking hot babe or anything, that’d look awful in like thirty years – Ayla?”

Ayla rubbed at her cheek with a finger. “Er. Hmm. Eh…. Right. If you say so.” Killian blanched and opened his mouth. “This tea is fantastic, mom, what is it? Earl Gray?” Ayla said very loudly and suddenly.

Oh yes dear, no need to shout. It’s peppermint, actually. Killian got it from, where was that again?” Lani said, “Poland, I believe. Or Slovakia.” Killian nodded. The writer sipped at the tea and sighed appreciatively. “Pretty good, huh, dad. Fresh picked from the farm. I worked there myself. Paid well too, for farmers living below the poverty line. Wonderful people. Just like you told me.”

Why does Killy get to hitchhike round the world while I stay in this crummy place and rot at university?” Ayla asked.

Well that’s cause deep down you love the place to bits. And you have your extreme friends too, eh?” Killian retorted.

Because Killian has the restless legs syndrome and you have an insatiable lust for civilization, my dear,” Lani replied placidly.

Mom!” both said in unison. The writer turned slightly. What was that glint in the distance?


///End of Prologue///


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