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Lazy Excerpt #4

November 12, 2006

//////So very sorry for not posting. I keep forgetting. Here’s chapter 1, absolutely unedited rubbish, of my Nano novel//////

Chapter 1: It Totally Isn’t a UFO.

Hey mister, you alright?” The man gave a start. “Oh. You ain’t dead.” The voice sounded disappointed. The man merely looked at him. “Yer cigar’s getting pretty short, mister. If you don’t want it, I do,” the boy grinned up at him saucily. The man affixed upon the lad a stern glare.

If you want it, just say so, jerk,” the boy stuck his tongue out at the man and ran off. The man reflexively raised the cigar to his lips and took in a deep draught, noting that the boy had indeed been correct. How long had he been reminiscing about his dream? He stared up at the sky, noting the various cloud formations that told of rain in precisely… now.

A large drop of water plopped onto his nose as if in acknowledgment of the fact. He stood and quickly walked to the nearest shelter, which happened to be a closed phone booth, and wondered how long he would have to stay there with only a phone directory and thirty two cents spare change as company. To amuse himself he started balancing the coins on their edges upon the phone directory but one of the one cent coins kept refusing to stand on its edge. The man shrugged and tossed it out into the rain instead, where it hit a park bench, rolled into a storm drain, and whined.

Odd, one cent coins had never whined at him before. He put his hat on and pulled his coat closer around himself. The man walked into the rain towards the storm drain, in search of the whining coin. The water rushing past was a somewhat murky brown, he observed as he went close to the railings that protected unsuspecting people with infantile minds from wandering into the drain and breaking their legs or something. No coin was to be seen, as could be expected from looking down a meter deep storm drain full of muddy rushing waters to seek a tiny metal cylinder one centimeter in diameter and one millimeter in height. A softer whine, a little distance away, sounded to his left. The man frowned, as it wasn’t coming from the direction of the storm drain. He looked at his left, at the mass of bushes by the pathway. The whine was coming from under the bushes.

The man squatted and peered under the plants. A dog. It must have been a dog. Please let it be a dog.

Thank god, it was a dog. A little Retriever puppy, to be exact. The man reached out for it and froze when he felt something cold and hard pressing against the side of his head.

Do not touch that animal.” An equally cold and hard male voice said to him without emotion. The man carefully withdrew his arm and raised his hands, signaling no harm. The gun at his head was withdrawn. If it was a gun. The man sneaked a peek and resisted a shudder. Yes, definitely a gun. And looking down the barrel of it was no fun at all.

Good. You just saved yourself from a rather nasty demise. Not from me though,” the voice said evenly. “Put these on.” A pair of heavy duty looking gloves were dropped in front of the man, who took a level look at the owner of the voice. It was a very young looking man, he couldn’t have been over twenty, in fact. He had a rather thin, small frame, and not particularly large hands. The semi-automatic handgun in his hand looked like an oversized toy in comparison. He had on a dark yellow raincoat and the same thick gloves that were in front of the man. He wore a pair of rectangular frameless glasses and his tousled brown hair was completely soaked. There appeared to be a long white coat under his raincoat. A name tag pinned to the white coat said, as far as the man could make out through the translucent raincoat, “Normand”. The words ‘escaped boy wonder mad scientist’ came to mind.


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