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Still Lazy: Excerpt #5

November 13, 2006

/////Page 2 of Chapter 1/////

Put the gloves on. Put them on!” he shouted, as the bushes rustled. The man did so. They fit surprisingly well. “Now pick the creature up,” the voice continued, gesturing with the gun. The man stared at him for a moment more, then shrugged and reached under the bushes. The creature was surprisingly light. He drew the puppy out, which regarded him balefully and promptly sank its teeth into the man’s wrist. Fortunately it was covered by the thick gloves. But that was going to leave a pretty bad bruise. The man shook the pup, not violently, till it relaxed somewhat. The puppy had a rather odd tuft of dark fur at the top of its head, contrasting sharply with its otherwise golden pelt. And boy, those teeth sure were sharp looking.

Right. Get up and follow me. Don’t let go of the animal,” the younger man growled, and stormed off. The man considered this for a moment. Why not drop the dog and run? But the kid has a gun. Why not sic the pup on it and run? But the kid has a gun. Why not… The man ran out of ideas and gave up. He trailed after the youth, feeling somehow disconsolate. The puppy whined, as if in response. The rain lightened slightly and the brightening sunlight glinted off its oddly metallic teeth… The man’s eyes widened a fraction.

By the way, I’m Nicolas Normand,” the young man in front of him said suddenly. “That’s, um, Fluffy. From the labs. I mean, it’s a lab. A Labrador. Well, not quite. It’s more of a mongrel…” Here he trailed off, mumbling almost incoherently to himself. The man gave him a quizzical look and seriously considered running away again. A loud screech ended that thought as a car came barreling down the road and onto the pavement, stopping exactly in front of young Normand. The door opened and a panicky looking woman jumped out and screamed. “Fabian! What the hell are you doing here? Get in the car, now!”

Uh – ” began Normand, but the woman was already pulling the man into the car, together with the metal toothed Labrador. Before he could even brandish his gun, the car pulled out and sped off. Normand slumped visibly. “Not again…” he muttered.

The man, still holding on firmly to the pup, looked out the car window at the buildings whizzing past very fast, and sighed. Was this how the writer felt every day? No, it must be the complete opposite. The was free as a bird, yet refused to exercise that very freedom. How very depressing. The man and the dog exchanged stares.

… You really must stop all this nonsense, Fabian, everyone has been so worried about you. We’ve been searching for the past week, looking all over the city for you. Why don’t you care? What happened to you? Get out of my way, you idiot! Can’t you see I’m in the fast lane?” said the woman. The man, having come to a general consensus with the puppy, very gently lowered it onto his lap and waited.

And what is that – that creature you were holding? Is that a dog? You know you can’t bring animals to the building, we’ll just have to leave it somewhere… Don’t you dare cut my line, you retard, stay in your own bloody lane – God damn it, who put those red lights over there?“

The car slowed and stopped. The man glanced at the seething woman and most calmly opened the door. The puppy hopped out and dashed away, the man right behind it, ignoring blissfully the loud angry shriek that sounded like a fire alarm that had inhaled helium coming from the car behind them.


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