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November 19, 2006

**Written 20 Dec**Yep, what that says. I looked back at my drafts, then checked in the blog and woe is no one, for I completely missed this one. Actually intended to say something here about my self reconciliation with the frequency of my postage, but never mind. I just re-broke my broken and re-modified promise. Again, never mind. For some reason I can hardly fathom, people’s minds do not run parallel with mine. That sucks a lot. It probably makes reading whatever trash is posted here somewhat difficult. But I don’t care, because I’m not a nice person. On to the missed post.

I have absolutely no idea when this was dated. Forgive me. All below is the post. **End 20 Dec crap**

Title: I Have and Excuse

For not posting in bloody ages. Really, I do. It was because I could not get into Really. I thought the site was down. So then today I googled around a bit, visited my own site, and clicked on (minus the triple w) and lo behold, here I am apologizing for not posting. Not like, I reiterate, anyone reads this stuff anyway.

Nanowrimo is going along awfully. I have not even reached the half point. I know I will, but finishing the entire thing gets more and more daunting day by day. Maybe I will cheat. Maybe I won’t. I suppose I will if I’m desperate enough in a couple of days or so. Did you notice that I have become oddly longiloquent? Yes. I have. Blame Nano.

Good day.


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  1. Interesting text!, man

  2. Why thank you. Unfortunately my writing style morphs all the time, and I have a feeling I can’t write like this very often. Even if most of the time everything I write (type) is cranial diarrhea anyway.

  3. I agreed with you

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