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More Lazy Excerpts #7

November 23, 2006

What’s up there, dad?” Killian asked, concerned. The writer shook his head and shrugged, sitting down. He picked up the newspaper on the table and looked through its somewhat soggy pages, due to his having overturned his teacup when he stood up so hurriedly.

I still think it was the scones,” Ayla remarked.

Oh, shut up.”

The articles were rather mundane, reports about the variety of accidents people get into every day, more accounts of mishaps people get into on purpose, some stories about cops and robbers, one or two about events that people never go to yet are always reported as having been utterly packed with other people. Like that one about the opening of the latest enormous departmental store, what was it’s name again, Horace’s? Something like that. It mentioned some bigwig launching the opening ceremony

and departing soon after, though the reason was not stated. How strange. The writer picked up the teacup and found it empty, thus he attempted to pick up the teapot, which was oddly light, and in fact, he discovered, empty as well. He sighed, and took a buttered scone instead. With some degree of trepidation, he bit in.

///Yes, this is it. It’s the end of the chapter, that’s why. Anyway expect no updates in the near future, I am off to nano///


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