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February 14, 2007

Well I did say I wasn’t going to post but it’s an interesting day today, and I did think of something to say so I suppose it’s a waste not to post it in. (/End hypocritical excuses)

As most of civilised humanity might be aware of, it’s Valentine’s day today. I suppose St Valentine was a nice enough fellow, for his day to be celebrated in such a (slightly decadent) manner. But I’m not talking about him, s’not like I knew him anyway. I suppose there’ll be lots of depressed single people being depressed about not having a date and all. Well here’s another way to look at it then.

Valentine’s day is a happy, happy day. (No, I do not have a date, so this at least is not hypocritical) It is a day for couples to be happy. And why not let them be happy? That whatnot about celebrating every day together instead of on one day is rather… Well, consider that if every day was special, every day would become bloody boring, my friend. Special occasions are nice, and celebrating special occasions are nicer. Out of the monotony of our boring (though already special) daily lives.

What about the losers (no I’m kidding. Really, I am. Really.) who don’t have dates? Well then, isn’t it a lovely day no matter what?  It’s a bright sunny Wednesday over here, lovely dawn, lovely skies, quite probably a lovely evening later too, rain or shine. Delicious breakfasts/lunches/dinners (alone. Ha ha.)  Having enough free time to read certain pieces of rubbish on certain sections of certain blogs. Going to work/study/whatever and learning something new. Smiling at people, and being smiled at in return. It doesn’t take a lot to be happy. In fact it only takes yourself. (This is not meant to be comforting. This is the stark reality of responsibility. Existentialism is so fascinating.)

I’ve mentally hemorrhaged too much anyway. What I (probably) try to say here is it’s a nice day, so have a nice day, yeah?


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