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Stolen Article (ath)

March 7, 2007

~~But I’m the one who wrote it (about last year) so all is forgiven, my child. Written 23 June 2006. I like the last sentence. It’s so pretentious.~~

Now, a bit of stuff to talk about… I had a dream, about a paper world. Thinking on that I realized that yes, we do in fact live in a paper world. Have you ever thought about the fact that people, all people in existance, want to live? Of course. Who doesn’t want to live? And live as long as it is humanly possible, as it were. So that brings me to my second point: as long as you are remembered, you exist; you (and I, for that matter) most definitely do not exist in the world if no one knows of your existance, correct? Even if you are certain that you yourself do exist, if no one knows that fact, would you matter? The answer, as one might surmise, is no.

Everything you and I see here was made. Made by what, you ask? Man, certainly. Machines, perhaps, but then these machines were made by men, were they not? All modern ‘creation’ leads back to humanity, does that not mean we are equivalent to ‘God’ for these creations? Clothes, pencils, the computer monitor before you, these are all creations of man. And leading backwards to my previous point: If someone knows I exist(ed), then yes, by Jove, I did indeed exist! Eureka, for I am, by all means, alive in the minds of humanity, and that is what matters (though not all that matters, certainly).

The proof I am alive is from the things I have created, any Thing that I have influenced, the things I wrote, drew, built, invented, destroyed. You get the idea. A paper world (since I must base this on my former topic) indeed: paper, created to store, if you will, portions of what enables us to comprehend our existance. I speak of… the mind. There have never been any other sentient creature on earth creating as we do. Being the ‘lords’ of creation that we are, must preserve our minds in order to exist, to be acknowledged, to live in the minds of others of our kind. Dolphins do not write. They ‘speak’, perhaps, but they do not record.

That, of all our myriad achievements, must be what sets us apart. We in our paper world, seek to live forever, beyond our corporeal bodies, within the massive unending being known as humanity.


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