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The Power of Knowledge

September 9, 2007

Kind of landed on my head a while ago with the impact of the proverbial grand piano. Unfortunately that impact whacked out most of that realization and what comes here will be pretty lame.

Knowledge is the key to power. In any game it is knowing what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen that will allow one to plan and execute the plan to obtain victory. It is knowing more than your opponent, it is knowing how to handle your opponent that will win you anything. And life is nothing but an enormous game. Do you know why the government is so shady? This refers to all governments – there is no ruling power that reveals all, for having nothing to hide is a weakness in itself. They can not tell you everything. Revealing defensive deployments to the world would have neighbors doing “friendly exploration” at your borders with tanks and aircraft carriers. Telling your citizens how government contracts earn certain individuals insane amounts of money will have them up in arms very quickly for a piece of the money pie (well done, Attorney-General). The person who claims (s)he has nothing to hide is either pathetic, or has a truckload of secrets up his(er) arse.

The human capacity for data, by the way, is far larger than the most ginormous of hard disks capable today. Does information maketh the man? Perhaps, to some extent. Personalities are tied to the mind after all. Could a sufficient amount of data floating around in an infinite database spawn a conscious mind? (Now this goes into the realm of quality bullshit) I’m going out of topic.

In any case, that’s all the statement of the obvious that will be made today. Ponder it, or don’t. Actually it’s better not to, for ideas on what makes the mind, and on the minds that make the man, are best not considered. It’s a waste of time, and the answer might be too terrible to consider. Or it might not. Ever read Good as Gold by J. Heller? Ralph is pretty cool, but not really.


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