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Happy Winter Solstice Celebrations

December 21, 2007

I’m talking about the Chinese one with the doughballs. Not the Western one oft ridiculed by Westerners (and delightedly embraced by the Other). This year mine involved an absurdly cute turtle (made by me) later boiled and thoroughly masticated by another (not me).

So let’s talk about death.

Or let’s not. I don’t know. Overcome with a sudden malaise I can not at all be now bothered. It was supposed to explain on why people insist on concepts like heaven, karma, dharma, whatever. (Edit: Oh good Lord, the atrocious English. Maybe I was drunk when I wrote this. In my nondefense, I don’t drink. So: “I can not at all now be bothered” (I don’t quite know if it’s correct but I like the sound of it). And “It was supposed to explain why”. The idotic “on” does not belong at all. I hereby disown it from my sentencing.) Anything so that people “live on”, on and on and on. The key concept is terror.

I’m too lazy for the rest so go ahead and guess about it.


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