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On the Sky

February 14, 2008


Don’t know why pasted this in the drafts and didn’t post it up. This is some stupid thing I wrote which feels somewhat pretentious… Well it may look pretentious and it may sound pretentious, but I assure you, these are real (pretentious) feelings. Get the drift? And I have this feeling the text is being ugly, but that’s okay, I don’t care. 😛

So yeah, bla bla.

2. Describe an individual, locale, or image that has made a significant and lasting impression on you and explain how it has affected you.

The source of my inspiration is impossible to truly describe. It changes in hue from dawn to dusk, growing brilliant and dim through the sun’s inexorable passing. Its clouds are shifting every second, never the same at any moment in time. For as long as I can remember I have always looked to the sky – it inspires me with the freedom it represents, and it reminds me that every littlest thing in the world is a thing of beauty, no matter how ordinary it may seem.


As strange as it may sound, even though we all live under the same sky, I have never seen a sky that matches the beauty of that of my home, Malaysia. Perhaps it is because I have never lived anywhere else, but nothing captures my mind as much as a clear evening sky, accentuated by a few puffy clouds and gracefully shifting from purest blue to a soft mauve along a single line of sight. Of all the countries I have ever visited I have never seen anything like it; it is part of what I believe makes my nation unique in my heart.


Unlike a person or a place, the sky is always there, and will always be there. Its constancy comforts and reflects how I would like to be as a person: solid and reliable, never boring and always changing, hopefully for the better. I have realized that in life the possibilities are endless; thinking out of the box and keeping an open mind are principles that have helped me greatly in my years as a student. The sun shining through a cloudy sky, casting narrow strands of light down onto earth tells me that even in troubled times hope always shines through.


Most, if not all people tend not to notice things that have always been there. Few ever stop to consider how running water and even sewage dramatically improves the quality of life. Likewise, it may not seem like it but the sky is more important that many people realize. It is illuminated by the sun, much like the moon. The sky is like the blank spaces on a piece of paper. One only notices the words upon a paper, but without the paper there is nothing.

The sky has inspired me in many ways, some of them perhaps unknown even to me. Wherever I go it lies over the world like a cozy blanket, providing a peace many do not know they have. Little else soothes and inspires me like the sky, and I sincerely hope and believe it will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

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