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Made of Win

March 28, 2008

Is a phrase I really like because it’s, you know, made of win. (Lame)

And I am not made of win. Well maybe a little bit, in a little way. Which I will talk about after one important detail is resolved:

dsc00164.jpg This is awesome.

And now, on to the issue at hand:

Gift Card

I won a gift card playing Scrabble =)

Since the words are basically unintelligible, the (paper) card says  in nice cursive letters, “A Gift of $15.00 For Scrabble Champion From D**** Lit. Society. Note: First Annual Scrabble Tournament 03.28.2008”. A D**** is a university which (guess what) I am being at. It is a D**** because I want to maintain a semblance of privacy, unusual as that is in the exhibitionist generation of Internet youth today.

Being a not-winner who has won very, very few things in my very, very short lifespan (as yet, though I’m shortening it all the time, gasp), winning stuff is a nice thing.


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