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OMG It’s a Conspiracy

March 31, 2008

I wonder why I didn’t post this sooner. Maybe I was looking for more conspiracies. Anyway I’m sick of it being in Draft mode so here it is.

Traffic jams are carefully engineered to slow traffic so that the maximum amount of gas is used up with minimal damage to the roads and minimal casualties

Solitaire is carefully designed to sap away your life-time essence until you are a mindless clicking shell looking for that last seven of spades. Same goes for bloody expert minesweeper.

Speaking of which, how does one cure a Solitaire addiction? Does it go the Alcholics Anonymous way? “Hi, I’m J. Doe and I have a problem with Solitaire.”


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  1. Fluffy permalink

    Maybe you didn’t post it sooner because of some elaborate conspiracy by those masterminds of the “Save the road and roadkill” conspiracy?

    Or could it be that everytime you meant to post it up, you open a Solitaire game and ask yourself, “Where is the bloody seven of spades?” and forget all about posting this up. It’s a conspiracy, after all =)

  2. I’m weaning myself off solitaire. Taking it off the Start menu of the Start menu (I believe they’re called shortcuts) and putting Minesweeper there instead has worked wonders :P.

    Actually the theory behind the gas thing is that gas companies and related agencies (like the government for a Malaysian example) conspire to maximize gas usage and minimize road wear by engineering road difficulties that cause traffic jams every day at certain high traffic locations (like, you know, the road you take home every day).

    And on roadkill: would it hurt more to die being rolled over quickly? Or slowly? (A terrible question).

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