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Match it for Pratchett

April 8, 2008

There’s very little I can do, but little things add up, and that is the premise of this site:

The whole point of Match It To Pratchett is that we don’t have £500,000 each but 500,000 of us each have £1.

I didn’t have the money for a T-shirt, but I gave my equivalent to oh, 1.5 pounds (what’s half a pound?). It will help, if you help, and your friends help, and your friend’s friends help. It seems that funding for Alzheimer’s is either .3 or 3% of what funding for cancer gets (I’d give you a source but I can’t bother. Check the BBC.)

If you read this and you have a bit of spare funds lying around, why not give to a good cause – underfunded research? Who knows, it could perhaps even help out Mr Pratchett some day. It’s definitely a show of support, in any case.

So, reiteration:

Check it out.


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