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The Key Concept is Terror.

May 26, 2008

Damn, that is one awesome post title.

Ugh I wanted to write something very good and thought provoking in here but after I read that sentence up there which I put down the first time I attempted this, I kinda lost track.

Because damn, that is one awesome post title.

Anyway I think this post was meant to be about death, mainly as a postulation on why we as people might fear death.

It’s probably about the fear of the unknown, but not exclusively a fear not knowing what might happen to us – it might be that we are terrified of not knowing what happens to everyone else. It’s about what is closest and dearest to us as humans, and that is everything around us – family, friends, the teddy bear we cuddle in order to fall asleep. (I don’t have one :/ I do have a giant Snoopy plush toy which I left at home far, far away though).

This is what my Snoopy looks like, except bigger, and with a Santa hat.

So anyway what I’m trying to say here is that there might be yet another reason why humans fear death. It’s not (only) that we don’t plan on slow cooking in the burning fires of hell… It’s that we’re terrified that the people we love might broil alongside us.

That’s a most upsetting idea.

So yeah, take that into consideration. I’m sure I put a whole lot more thought into this than two crudely put paragraphs, but I’m very sure I’ve totally forgotten most of it. Being the amnesiac elephant that I am I probably won’t be coming back to this post even if I suddenly recalled everything I was supposed to tell you, so enjoy the likeness of my Snoopy and do your own thinking, you philistines.


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