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Narutaru (Shadow Star)

June 17, 2008

I’ll talk about this one too since I glimpsed a referral to it from technorati. A bit obliged to that then, since I didn’t even talk about Narutaru in here. Just Bokurano. Mohiro Kitoh did this before Bokurano.

Narutaru, also known as Shadow Star, stands for something obscenely long that I will copy paste from its Wikipedia article – “Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko“. It’s about a perfectly ordinary girl who finds a star/starfish-y thingy at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. I won’t expand on the storyline because it makes the mystery diminish, and nobody wants that, right? Right?

So, impressions of Narutaru. It’s much more drawn out, being a single storyline unlike Bokurano’s many single-arc storylines linked together by a giant robot and sorta friendship. I haven’t been able to read a lot of Narutaru, only about half of it, but it packs quite the dramatic punch. There are mature themes, definitely. This isn’t a happy manga. This is a thinking manga; it impacts the soul. Be prepared.

Essentially I think it’s a growing up story where the main characters have many not-very-nice things happen. Though there are some pleasant parts which are pretty much a brief respite from the “Oh dear, that must suck” events that unfold in the story.

It remains an excellent work nevertheless. Check it out. Wikipedia tells me it’s licensed by Dark Horse which licenses a lot of very good thought-type manga (like Eden: It’s an Endless World! which I love to bits because it’s wonderfully heartbreaking). Note: the genre which I have so carelessly labeled “Thought-type” is more of Seinen meaning “young man” but I’d prefer the definition “Mature: Male” as opposed to Josei which would be “Mature: Female”. Seinen categorization is a bit bizarre though, because of the enormous clash of genres you will see if you look at the list of Seinen manga on Wikipedia.

Wow, I feel like a real blogger now, linking to bigshot web pages and reviewing things for free. Therefore I’m stopping. That’s it for now.

Update (24 August 08 ) – I just finished Narutaru. Not to be dramatic, but I think I’m permanently scarred. Not a bad thing necessarily, there’s a lot to process. Food… A feast for thought, actually.


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