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Digital ADD?

June 26, 2008

Interesting thing I noticed a while back. I can’t focus any more. But it happens only on my computer, every time I sit down to do something important I put it off, with Firefox open there’s always something else to do. Know how many tabs I have open on Firefox now? Nine. With the Permanent Tab add-on there’s always 4 tabs on every time I open it. Plus 2 temporary perma-tabs for various reasons. And with the Morning Coffee add on ( it opens tabs for you on a schedule) every time I open FF there’s at least 7 tabs opening with it. But that’s not what this is about so I’ll flit off somewhere else.

I have 4 applications open now. FF, Powerpoint, Solitaire and Winamp. Windows Messenger is running in the background. Utorrent too. Utopia Angel (hugs and kisses to my most faithful application-companion for the past oh, 4 or 5 years). And that’s only what’s visible. Extend the running apps thingy (next to the clock) there’s Folding@Home (a most worthy app indeed), Spybot’s Resident, a nifty screen Post-it applet, Avast, a cache/RAM emptying applet, the Bluetooth controller… And that’s not everything.

I do want to study. Well actually I don’t. But I do have to because I’m enrolled in an insanely hectic 1 month online course which I intend to get an A at. And to do that I must read oh, 2 or 3 chapters a week and get a bit of extra credit by posting a bit on the discussion boards. The earlier and more relevant the discussion the more credit I get. So far, going along the second week, I’m perfectly convinced I can’t get an A without posting. And I haven’t done it yet. It’s Thursday. Time is ticking by.

The funny thing is, it’s holidays and I don’t really have anything better to do.

But here I sit in front of the computer writing about digital ADD because it occurred to me and therefore had to be expressed, just because.

You see, I think I forced this ADD on myself. Or maybe not. Have you ever experienced it? Being on the computer a whim floats up from the murky depths of the mind; the hand upon the mouse moves without orders – look, there it goes – a click and the hands lift towards the keyboard. “How to bake a potato” appears in the top right search window. Enter. Google (god, google, god, google, it’s all the same) tells you to check out (currently – most unfortunately – defunct). Curiosity sated, time to move back to that Youtube music video. Click, click, click through random artists. Oh, this is good. Filed away for future reference, except it’s more likely than not it’ll never again be encountered no matter how awesome a wailing chicken dancing to a lovelorn ditty is. Click, click, click until the next whim hits and again Godogle quenches that thirst.

The Internet is destroying life. My life. But oh, how sweet it remains, the dear old triple-double-U.

And unless I completely neglect to, the next post will be about Makoto Shinkai’s works.


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