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Is Malaysia a Third World Country?

August 4, 2008

Bullshit. It’s not. To anyone who says it is, I fart in your general direction.

Anyway this appears to be a decent essay idea to rile up some minds and perhaps stir up thoughtful debate (unlikely). Whatever is posted here might look like disjointed flashes of semi-mental diarrhea. Actually, It is. And I’m rehashing an old point. Not even hashing it, to be honest. But never mind.

/Article start.


A very famous paragraph, that. Very popular too, at the time; most people agreed with it and probably still do now. But it being in caps is a crime to Internet etiquette. Why is he screaming? Uh, because the paragraph was stolen from a PDF which I don’t feel like linking where he screams through his speech. I’m sorry. Just Google around.

“The Government” and the kampung dudes are third world – and the kampung dudes are third world because “the Government” (yes, it’s always capped because it’s a wonderful mask to hide behind) isn’t doing anything about it. I’m sure the kampung dudes (and to be fair, dudettes) are great people, but seriously, they deserve so much better. Mr Abdullah’s superfarmer policy for the kampung dudes is not “better” at all.

– Why is The Government third world?
Two words: “duit kopi”.

And now, for a soon-to-be classic example of the Malaysian “tidak apa” attitude:

<I shall enshrine it here forever>
Monday August 4, 2008 MYT 7:10:07 PM
PM on his approval rating: Never mind-lah

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was accepting of the drop in his approval rating as suggested by an opinion poll conducted by the Merdeka Centre recently.

“Nevermind-lah. That’s the fate of politicians. Up and down. What’s important is what you do before you leave,” he said after a meeting with Wanita Umno leaders at the Putra World Trade Centre here on Monday.

The independent research centre polled 1,030 Malaysians from July 4-16 to gauge voters’ perception of current issues, the state of the economy and the leadership.

The survey found that Abdullah’s popularity had plunged to below 50% for the first time in his premiership, from a record high of 91% in late 2004 after he won his first term as Prime Minister.

But is every mind in Malaysia of this “third world mentality”? Hardly. There are so many brilliant Malaysians abroad – I’ve met quite a few of them myself and read about plenty more; they are typically young-ish, urban, (to be frank) Chinese or Indian, and a lot of them don’t want to go home. Why? Opportunity cost. As good as the food is in Malaysia, almost every other aspect of living in Malaysia just isn’t worth the income level, compared to other countries where these people could work. Income disparity in Malaysia is insane. I can’t give you the numbers because I don’t know them, but it’s rather obvious as you take a stroll around Kuala Lumpur and then pop over to, oh, Kelantan for a walk. Basic salary for fresh grads in Kuala Lumpur is pathethic most of the time. Oil prices are just… wrong. Food remains good and the malls are fun to walk through, but that is it. Anything else to enjoy in KL? No, nothing really.

Main Malaysian export product is brains which is taken from today’s brightest minds of Malaysian youth. Brains are exported to countries such as UK, the US and Australia through institutions called private colleges. This is a serious problem for Bolehland because while this ensures that Malaysia would be free of the ‘undeserving immigrant Chinese’, it also makes Malaysian graduates stupider in average (because the smarter, job-competent one’s have ran away). There are even conspiracy talks that the average Malaysian still staying in Malaysia by 2185 will not be able to tell the difference between his/her left and right hands. Efforts have been made to create brain plugs in our rivers, thanks to their stupid social contract signed more than half a century ago.
Yes, not the best of sources, but it’s mild proof the opinion is generally shared.

By the way, does anyone realize how much oil there is sitting outside the shores of Sabah and Sarawak? I hardly know myself, but damn, Brunei’s a rich place isn’t it? And Sarawak is at least 3, 4 times bigger than Brunei with plenty of space around its oil infested waters. What’s going on over there?

/Article end.

Also, Makoto Shinkai’s works for next time. This is fast becoming my closing slogan.

Edit (10/10/2011): But wait, there’s more!


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  1. Fluffy permalink

    Some numbers to decorate your post: –

    The Gini coefficient of Malaysia is around 49.2% (0% being the most equitable and 100% being the least). I am replying from work so I can’t really calculate the Robin Hood index for Malaysia so just google it somewhere =p

  2. Oh I knew the Gini but not the Robin Hood index. Quick Google reveals little pertinent data. Maybe a longer Google next time 😛

    The Gini number is worse than the American one where the highest estimate is 45%… (


  3. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. sigh. top up with the never-ending political debates… at least cinderella has a happy ending …

    thank you for visiting my blog. i will take your suggestions into account… and the wallpaper u have in ur previous post is very beautiful! i now have that wallie design as mine too!

  5. Bumi Ownz U permalink

    Malaysia is third world. Its corrupt, the foot paths are falling apart.. there are deaths due to bits of buildings falling off.. there are beggers on the street.. there are dodgy rip off merchandise in dodgy areas in the city… in fact, the cleanliness of the country is disgraceful.. people throw rubbish, empty bottles out of their windows… Malaysia hires third world people to build their third world low quality structures… just look at the bricks and you will see how “quality” the materials are.. look at the finish… look at Proton.. maybe you should sell it to India because nobody wants it…

    Malaysia is third world… Low quality.. producer of low quality subsistence products… its GDP is considered third world.. its economic size cant even compete with 3.5million people singapore… if you are proud of Malaysia, maybe you should get out of your hole and see the world and what progression really is…

    • Random guy permalink

      Malaysia is third world, but not in a terrible state. I doubt it is a terrible place as I’ve been there twice. There is still a bit of bad things going on, but it is improving quite a bit.

      • Random guy permalink

        To rephrase that, it’s not completely developed yet, but it’s far from being a “fourth world” country.

  6. Bumi Ownz U permalink

    Catch a taxi in Tokyo and then catch a taxi in Malaysia and you will realise why Malaysia is still third world…

  7. Bumi Ownz U permalink

    Do you know the reason why the intellectual elite have left? Because the majority are chinese that have been foreced to leave due to Malaysia’s Racist NEP.

    Why should we help build Malaysia if Malaysia doesn’t even allow me to get into a Malay ONLY UiTM???

    You think Malaysia is developed?? Its still living in Apartheid…

    The talent has left Malaysia leaving the incompetent to squabble for ringgit.. which would be tradable for Vietnam Dong…

    The RM is a joke.

  8. Ah, well before you burn the writer for the message, read more of the stuff on the rest of the site… I’m a Malaysian Chinese presently studying (Actuarial Science/ Finance) in America.

    “maybe you should get out of your hole and see the world and what progression really is…” I think I’m sufficiently out of my hole now… Right?

    Honestly I wouldn’t want to get into UiTM in the first place. Is it ranked anywhere as a particularly good uni to go to? No?

    “Catch a taxi in Tokyo and then catch a taxi in Malaysia and you will realise why Malaysia is still third world…” What, because taxis in Malaysia cost at least 300% less? Kesian the Malaysian taxi uncles lah, they’re not all bad. Burn a hole in your wallet taking a cab in USA and maybe you’ll revise your opinion, you know.

    Actually I’ve wanted to write about the Malaysian Apartheid for a while now. Indeed, I think it’s quite true. Maybe someday, if I’m not lazy.

    RM isn’t really a joke… Maybe I should make a joke about the USD. That one is a riot.

  9. Oh right, and because I said I would in the post,

    Is Malaysia a Third World Country?
    August 4, 2008

    Bullshit. It’s not. To anyone who says it is, I fart in your general direction.

  10. Bumi Ownz U permalink

    Thanks Riezwa… Apologies if I offended you.

    I just want Malaysia to be the best!

    It just disappoints me when certain things do not meet standards…
    🙂 thank you though.

    p.s. Good luck with your studies.

  11. hy, Give something for help the hungry people in Africa or India,
    I added this blog about that subject:

  12. Tiramitsu permalink

    Whether Malaysia is a third world country, if I am not wrong, the answer is depends on the WHO definition and Malaysia is still a third world country.

    Eventhough taking a taxi is 10 times cheaper in Malaysia than any other country (including China), I guess the consumers are not really chasing for the price, but the service and the honesty. I just don’t mind to pay more for a better and honest service 🙂

  13. Juan A. permalink

    Let us compare Malaisia with Somalie or Nigeria…then Malaisia maybe a 1st world country not the 3rd.

  14. Audra permalink

    I’ve always had a problem with racists statements. I am a 25-year old Malay, but have always been mistaken for a Chinese. Growing in various states in Malaysia, I’ve had a tonne of friends from all different religions and races and never really thought racism was a problem until I left high-school.

    I didn’t do too well in my SPM, 3As and the rest were Cs. My dad had just retired from serving the government as the Dean and Campus Director for USM, so money was not in abundance. Therefore, I had to settle for UiTM (Oh the HORRORS huh Riezawa) and not some fancy private college. While this left me terribly unhappy, I made it a point to be a stellar student and I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished much more than my other counterparts who studied in private colleges and even universities abroad. I then managed to snag a partial scholarship to do my MA in London (not through UiTM, completely on my own effort and pocket).

    BTW Riezawa, what’s the point of going to a highly ranked University if you end up coming out of it with a particularly shallow mentality such as yours? In case they didn’t teach this in Actuarial Science in the US of A, it’s what you do with your education – regardless of where you obtained it, that counts. Fuck, I’ve met numerous people in the current KL workforce from so-called prestigious colleges and universities from KL and around the world who can’t even write a decent e-mail in English. Going to a high-ranking university just means you have money, and not necessarily the brains. Oh and FYI, UiTM grads are highly sought after because they CAN actually work, and not full of shit like most private college spoilt brats out there. Again, of course there are spoilt rotten apples everywhere. All I’m saying is don’t be so quick to judge a person based on what Uni they come from.

    Secondly, yes the racial quota sucks. I can understand why non-bumis would be upset. However, here’s some food for thought : I have three sisters who received full scholarships to study medicine in England and let me tell you, they slogged hard to get it. Today, all three are serving government hospitals and work 7-days a week..and for what? To help the Rakyat. Hell, they’ve probably operated on one of your relatives. Why don’t you tell them to their face how you think their education was undeserving? Do you know how shit they pay? While most others would easily find any excuse not to return to Malaysia let alone work in the govt hospitals purely for monetary reasons, there are tonnes of others who do it because of the passion and the REAL desire to help those in need. Let me tell you something, if you’re doing medicine because “WAHHH CAN EARN A LOT OF MONEYYY” then we’re all fucked. I would not go to a doctor who has money as his/her motivation.

    This is the reason why Malaysia will never be anything more than a third world country because of its citizens and their third world mentality. Everyone thinks that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Fuck dude, if you’re in the US you should know damn well that most students take up loans for their education and not have their parents pay for it. Instead of being all wah wah wah I’m not getting this, I’m not getting that..what is it exactly that YOU are contributing towards the country? If you are so far awesome and above this shitty country, then why are you not being the bigger person here? Serve the country, as it has served you by providing you with a safe haven, a roof over your head and food on your table that has enabled you to be where you are today.

    Oh and another thing : I am TOTALLY for equal rights. If only there were equal amounts of Chinese and Indians serving the Police, the Army, and all the uniformed bodies that risk their lives to fight for the country. I seriously have a lot of respect for all the non-Malays in the armed forces, super thumbs up to them. Chew on that. Yeah I said it. Equal rights should come in not only in terms of education and “ideal” jobs. No one is forcing you to join the army, you have the freedom of choice to study whatever the hell you want to yet still you complain? Heavens, what an ungrateful bunch of whiny brats. You know what, if you hate this third world country so much, do us all a favour and don’t come back. I’d rather hang out with the everyday Rakyat than you shallow, pretentious, materialistic obnoxious folks ANY DAY.

  15. Amazing. Real discussion. Seriously, this is actually quite surprising to me, seeing as I’ve always thought that only three people actually read this blog.


    I am never serious. Heck, I’m quoting from Uncyclopedia, that’s how serious I am in writing that. But for some reason people think I am being serious, and out come these incredible stories (and the occasional fantastic flame) from people who think what I write becomes who I am. Fallacy.

    Read it carefully, and you’ll see that everything that may be construed as insulting to any quarter that is not the M’sian government is quoted from here and there and not from my opinion. I didn’t say anything about racism, did I? That’s in another post. Kamunting? I like that one.

    And apart from all the insulting stuff about me (because don’t expect me to take shit from someone I don’t know, thank you), I do agree with everything you’ve said.

    But I have nothing to apologize for. Cheers.

  16. And I must apologize for this one – Just can’t resist having the last word 😦

    All I’m saying is don’t be so quick to judge a person based on what Uni they come from.
    100% agreed. My brother is probably going to a local U for something biotech related (we don’t know yet), and I have so many friends already at local unis. My older brother is a fourth year med student (yes, he is overseas. Unfortunately me and my brother have used up so much of our parents’ money for education that my younger bro, on his on will, chose to stay and do his best back home.) And I will personally beat up anyone who thinks my brother is in medicine for the money.

    You do actuarial science for the money, not medicine, imbeciles. Have you any idea how poor junior doctors are? lol.

    So anyhow I think it’s a flaw in the system, not in the rakyat. And unfortunately, sing about democracy all you want, but the only thing that can change the system is the government.

    And need I say more about the government?

  17. v1n0d permalink

    @ riezawa:
    Short and nice, food for thought. Can’t say I agree with you on all points, but a thought shared is better than one surpressed.
    @ Audra:
    I like this line – “If only there were equal amounts of Chinese and Indians serving the Police, the Army, and all the uniformed bodies that risk their lives to fight for the country.” Why, you may ask? Well, because it shows that you have no idea what it’s like being in either the armed forces. My dad served the Malaysian army for 25 years. I was brought up in the army atmosphere all my life, and wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps, but lo and behold, my dad told me to forget the army because it just isn’t what it used to be. The number of non-Malays in the army does not signal our lack of concern regarding the nation’s security, it’s more of a sign that we’re falling apart due to our inability to set aside our racial differences. Ask me what Malaysia needs, and my answer is more mixed marriages – we can’t discriminate if we’re all the same.

  18. Muslim is Ghey permalink

    Lately, Malaysian churches were firebomb by the Malay, because of the world “Allah” . wth?! i got this from BBC, Newspaper in Malaysia did not publish this!, “Attackers threw a petrol bomb at church in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and tried to set two others ablaze in a nearby suburb in the early hours of Friday.”

  19. Earth permalink

    GDP per capita wise, malaysia is only 7k usd. african nations like botwsawana, libya and equitorial guinea are all richer than malaysia.

    malaysia is thoroughly third world

  20. Sucks to be us.

  21. Erik permalink

    sorry to break it to u guys, this post is BS. malaysia is as third world as it gets….

  22. Sucks to be us.

    (Because I can’t post the same thing twice (sucks to be me), some vague woolgathering: I wonder how people stumbled on to this post. Do you really search for “malaysia third world’ so you can post your thoughts on how sucky this country is?)

  23. ASecretWithinASecret permalink

    I’d have to say that I don’t completely agree on what was written but it’s true that the country is still developing and some Malays are still idiots-but doesn’t every ‘developed’ country have idiots? Anyways, my point is, Malaysia is actually a good country although there are occasional political or religious disputes here and there. My father has a Chinese friend that once said: “I’d rather have my daughter marry a Malaysian than a foreigner.” and maybe make sure they were from Sarawak……. BUT all I can say is, Malaysia is not third world.

  24. Malaysia is a Fourth World Country, not even close to Third world. Malaysia is a Useless country filled with idiots. how can a nation classified its citizens to first class, second class and third class citizen. Only 3rd world countries does that. if a country wanna be a first world country then that country will start first with Uniting with his brothers and then accepting foreigners and business men. SHAME ON MUSLIM MALAYSIA

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