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Happy August 31st.

August 31, 2008

It’s Hari Merdeka in Malaysia. Independence day. So I’ll refrain from being snarky about the government. Oops, I just was. Oh well.

Message to the people (all four of you) – stay patriotic. Things will look up. If it doesn’t look up, grab its chin and make it look! It’s my country, it’s your country. Keep it going and you’ll have all freaking 26 million Malaysians in that loop. All of us. All.

I wonder if that 26 million census actually includes expatriates.

I wonder how many expatriates there actually are.

I wonder how many of them will ever go home?

I wonder how many Malaysians smile on Merdeka day and briefly, at least, be thankful.

I wonder how many Malaysians think, “Meh, it’s just another day.”?

I wonder if I can get fried Loh Bak Ko in America. Well more accurately in Des Moines. I could make it, maybe. Need to find white radishes and stuff though.

It’s too close to dinner time. I must end this.


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