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Amusing Observation on Multiraciality in Malaysia

September 19, 2008

Just realized something that’s really highly amusing to me.

You know where the most racially diverse and wonderfully united place in Malaysia is?

Kamunting Detention Center.

Famous detainees include:

Anwar Ibrahim (Malay)

Raja Petra Kamarrudin (Malay) <Still there now>

The famed Hindraf 5 (Indians) including: <Still there now>

  • M. Manoharan
  • P. Uthayakumar

Lim Kit Siang (Chinese)

Teresa Kok (Chinese)

Karpal Singh (Sikh)

Jeffrey Kitingan (hmm… Sabahan? ‘Bumiputera’, I suppose)

So multiracial! There’s one of every color. I bet the government is trying to collect the whole set huh. Fun, fun times. You see, Malaysia has something to be proud of after all.

I bet that’s why they detained RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng – to promote our unique multiracial culture across all aspects of Malaysian life. So wonderful! RPK to add to the mixed-race Muslim quotient, and 2 Chinese ladies – wow, that corrects not only racial, but gender imbalances in KDC! Aren’t the minds in the government brilliant? Maybe they shouldn’t have let the ladies go in that case, because that’s totally bringing down Chinese representation. Tsk tsk tsk.



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  1. Bumi Ownz U permalink

    There hasnt been any Malay achiever who has made a unique stamp on the world stage…

    – except for Jimmy Choo or Michelle Yeoh..

    But they’re not Malay.. their second class “cina” immigrants who dont deserve rights…

    Screw Malaysia the hole… i Laugh when i read about stupid bus drivers being the cause of daily accidents…. typical third world corruption at play.

    Not to mention the state of those bumi shop keepers who have no idea how to serve customers..

    The customer service is appalling in Malaysia.. they “dont have size” without even checking…”

    They shuffle around chatting with their Malay girlfriends… OMG what a hell hole.

  2. ^ Generalizations… Not encouraged.

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