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I Don’t Know Why,

September 25, 2008

but this is in my profile.

How do I go about getting a lobotomy?
Pray tell, for I must find out
if I really have a brain
as I have never seen it.
Neither have I ever weighed my head
on the presumption I have to have it off
if I want an accurate reading.

I must have wrote that. Indeed, I did write that quite a while ago. Basing on the fact that most people can’t see what’s behind their eyes, and really most never do, unless they’re checking for brain tumors, head trauma and the sort. Actually read somewhere long ago that some people don’t have solid jelly brains in their heads – some people only have brain juice. And that’s quite interesting. I should really google that sometime. It makes one wonder how much percent of one’s brain is liquid. Well I wonder that, anyway.


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