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A CNY Desktop

February 1, 2009

It’s been quite a while really. The wordpress interface has really changed a lot. I like it.

Actually I don’t have any good ponderastic (hmm, sounds a lot like pederastic) material up, even though there are plenty of good (boring) navel-gazery thought invoking things I could write. I am lazy.

But I have a new desktop to show off, something of the reddish flavor since it’s Chinese New Year. Yes, I know black and white are bad Chinese colors. So sue me.


The wallpaper is Kino, from Kino no Tabi, obtained from the very good Animepaper and the Winamp skin is by an independent skinner who is a goddess, but I can’t remember your name right now. Sorry. The XP Theme is called Crimson and it’s somewhere on


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