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On Blogs

September 16, 2009

I wanted to try to register a new blog today. I thought that if the name could be taken, I’d use it to be frank and angry and a jerk proclaiming jerkiness to the world jerkily.

But the name was taken. So naturally I looked it up, and saw that the blog had been deleted. No more content. Maybe the chap was angrier than me.

Which does lead to the point of the post. Someone was bugging me to write something, so I will. Doesn’t it seem like blogs have now moved into the mainstream so heavily that it feels like no one blogs any more?

But I follow oodles of blogs, so that’s not quite true. Still, I get the feeling blogging’s rather dead-ish.

In any case, the name I wanted to register was “”. Look it up in the address bar, if you want. It’s dead, D-E-D. Might be an interesting philosophical statement, but I can’t be bothered. So much for my attempt at jerkness. Maybe if I get angrier I can think up an even better name, but few things are as great as existentialism. Teh ais, maybe. But “tehaisrage” can’t be a good name for a blog, can it?

Back to blogs. It seems like all organizations have to have one. Makes sense. It’s easy and free. Little upkeep, and can be as dead as you want it to be (or otherwise, of course). It seems like a whole truckload of celebrities have them. It seems like a whole oil-tankerload of emo teens have them (sorry emo teens), and likewise for emo working adults, and emo preteens, and emo college students (like me). But I still get that vibe, that it’s rather “out” now. Out of the mainstream, even. I dunno.

Short, easy, lazy, fun. That’s what I think hits the top of the Internetz now. Twitter – short and easy. Youtube – easy, fun and lazy. Facebook – short, easy, lazy, fun. Google – easy, easy, easy, easy. You get the idea.

By the way, tried doing a post on some other blog using Blogger recently, and was struck by (honestly) how crappy the interface is. WordPress is great.


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  1. Anon permalink

    I should point out that “” is available for registration.

  2. I was all happy and tried it out… Nope, no dashes in the blog name allowed.

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