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Stranger Strangeness, aka Good Deed for the Day?

January 25, 2011

Yeah, so for those of you who don’t know, I work at a casino. It’s alright, maybe a little boring sometimes (everyone is oooold), and strange things happen.

So I was eating at McDonald’s today, and I wanted to leech their free wifi for a bit so I brought my netbook, which I am using right now to chronicle this. I bought my meal and sat at a corner, because I do have some shame, and at the table in front of me were an older couple. Nothing much out of the ordinary there. I pulled out my netbook and logged on (to read my manga <3), unwrapped my burger and took a couple of bites.

Then the man at the table in front of me stood up and came over to me, and asked if I worked here. I went something like ‘uh… yeah….?’ and he started asking if I could help them out, and if it’s alright I could take their phone… Like, wha-?

Turns out that somehow they were in a bit of a tight spot, they had no money to get home. I asked how that happened, and kind of sheepishly he explained that they got here, and he thought she had money… and she thought he had money… and therefore………..

Hm. Well, ok. The man, Peter, asked if I could spare them a 50 and in exchange I could hold on to their phone. They would be coming back again next week so I could give them their phone back et cetera. Problem was, I’m going on a long leave for Chinese New Year and won’t be around for nearly two weeks. Still, my home is at the capital (theirs is another state, north, about a 5 hours’ drive away) and if they want to get here they’ll be passing by. So he said he could meet up with me this weekend – Sunday in fact – and I could give them their phone back.

They looked kind of desperate, so I gave them the money. Not being a total idiot, I did take the phone, though I wonder if that was really alright. The wife has a phone though, so I guess they’ll be fine. No idea if I will ever see them again but oh well. I think I did a good thing. They seemed like fairly decent people, though there’s just one real way to lose all your money here, and that’s the casino. Tough luck indeed.

Maybe the phone is, like, some secret stalker-homing-beacon radar-thing and maybe the next thing I know, I’ll be in the sights of an axe-murderer D:

Look forward to a maybe-update!


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