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The Universe and You

August 7, 2011

(Wow, I’m so prolific.)

Consider the water cycle.

Let us start with clouds, since that’s a pet topic. Condensed water vapor at low pressures gather together to form clouds, which get progressively heavier as more vaporous molecules clump together and return to the ground or sea in the form of water droplets – rain, sleet, snow or hail.

Water is collected and filtered, in the case of humans; lapped up, in the case of all manner of creatures; or absorbed, in the case of various other plants, fungi and single cell organisms. Then it is excreted, to return into the sewage drains, ground, air or sea, as it may be. Back in the open, it condenses.

Condensed water vapor at low pressures gather together…

Living creatures share so much more than we could ever conceive.

Consider what water is formed of.

H, H and O. Elements that (as far as hydrogen is concerned, at least) have been around since the (unprovable but certainly valid theory of) the Big Bang. From the very creation of the universe, elements have been constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed again and again into all known and unknown forms. That which we drink every day, or otherwise die, has existed and will exist form the beginning to the end.

(end dramatica.)


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