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Brief Commentary on the 99%

October 10, 2011

Ah, America. It’s cute how little you notice how good your lives are.

Oh, of course it sucks not to have a job. It sucks not to have decently affordable healthcare too. It sucks to be in debt up to your neck without any end in sight. It sucks that in the famed land of plenty, there’s just not enough to go around. I don’t envy you any of that, not at all. It’s right to be angry, and certainly right to do something about it, although I do question the way you’re going about it.

What I do envy, though, is the fact you can gather in large groups without a permit.

And be hemmed in, by the police.

And be beaten, by the police.

And be pepper sprayed, by the police.

And be arrested, by (duh) the police.

Only a few matters left to go before you really get into the spirit of the thing  –

1) Be pummeled by water cannons (by the police).

2) Get a heart attack and die in the middle of the protest, with no aid (from the police).

3) Experience a twenty four hour road closure and a seven hour traffic jam thanks to roadblocks (by the police)

But really, I do envy the fact you guys can gather in large groups without a permit.

Here’s something to remember –

The police are controlled by (state or federal or whatev) government. The government is controlled by politicians, who are controlled by money (to fund their campaigns!!). Who owns the money again?

I would suggest exercising your collective political clout, but it doesn’t command much respect these days.

Frankly it would be better to get the economy going again. How, when you’re just one person against the 300 million? Money is like blood – if it ain’t flowing, you’re dead. Get the money moving – that’s the answer. If you don’t have a job, well, make your own. You’re supposed to be fecking educated, so you must be pretty smart. Be enterprising. Sell. Real goods – real industry – reality.

One of the problems with the financial system is that some genius can lose a billion dollars in a day, and get a million dollar bonus anyway. It’s just moving money around. Computers do that way better than people do. But it’s always a zero-sum game. Yes, money magically appears when banks make loans with the deposits they receive. But there is a limit – they can’t lend out more than they receive. Not even close.

Oh dear. This is getting too long. Anyway, a great opportunity in microcredit is brewing, methinks. Muhammad Yunus to the rescue!


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