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Talk talk talk, AKA Brief Commentary II

October 16, 2011

More rambling on a country that I don’t belong to (not as yet) and economic situations that I have little to no qualifications to authoritatively lecture on.

Anyhow, here’s my key points:

1) Idleness leads to revolution

2) To prevent revolution, eliminate idleness

3) Industry is the key to economic recovery

4) “Government-Man to the rescue!” is not the answer

Ok, so onwards to point one. Idleness. What is being idle? Being jobless is definitely a good indicator of it. Involuntary idleness is perhaps an even better descriptor. I read somewhere (totally reputable, though I can’t bother looking it up now) about the unemployment levels in Middle Eastern countries – and notably the unemployment among the young men. Everyone knows what’s been going on in the Middle East this last summer, so draw your own conclusions. The American way is the pursuit of happiness (etc etc but mainly happiness, k?); it gives purpose and prevents people from just sitting down and thinking along the lines of “Gosh, I’m really unhappy now. What can I do to change this? … Oh. Marx.” Notwithstanding the fact that communism really isn’t the path to bliss.

The next three points all follow one another. Unemployment is dangerous, not only to the unemployed but to those in power. So how to eliminate unemployment and rightly set the people on their road to, if not happiness, at least mild satisfaction? Three letters: SMB.

Small and medium-sized businesses.

Why, if you can’t get a job, go out there and make your own! It’s really as simple as that, but I suppose there’s really not much motivation in the land of SuperSizeMe where everything is on a mega scale. How could one person ever turn themselves into the likes of McDonalds, (32 thousand restaurants worldwide!), Facebook (800 million users and counting!), Coca-Cola (1.6 billion, or Goldman Sachs ($911 billion in assets….. *sob*)?

Still. Everything has its cycle, stuff gets made, grows, reaches its peak, declines and dies off. There’s a heck of a lot of “peaks” in America, and that’s great – it really is a service, not just to the country but to the world, that American giga-companies are doing well. But where is all the new stuff? Where is it coming from? From the look of things, it seems the making is happening in the BRIC countries while all the dying off is happening in the G8.

So last point: G-Man can’t really help you. Not when you’re b!tching about the staggering levels of government debt while at the same time whining about the student loans that are, like, really cramping your quality of life. Education bubble? Hah. Well it is certainly true that a degree is pretty expensive, especially without a publicly available, affordable higher education system in place. But comparing education to the housing bubble only reflects a poor understanding of the still-recent financial meltdown. Which silly European bank is queuing up to buy the triple-strained leavings of your multi-pre-repackaged student borrowings? I dunno, but if there are any, they really deserve another hard lesson.

So, back to the student loans. Er, well, loans are meant to be repaid, you know. What did you expect would happen if you couldn’t repay them? Some kind of loan forgiveness? That’s G-Man to the rescue. Same goes with credit card debt. Yes, yes, it sucks that you can’t get a job, but what I’m saying is go out and make your own. Work – do whatever it takes. Don’t sit around despairing and talking about your ninety nine percentages. What do you want, really? Think about it – you certainly have the time. Take your time, sit yourself down, and really consider what you want out of life. Then go out and get it.


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