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Sad Sad Sad

June 12, 2012


But very meaningful as well. When is a person truly gone from the world? At the end of life, or at the end of being remembered? If the latter is true, does Socrates still live? But what we know of him we know largely from the works of Plato, as a talking head with a vast, vast mind. But was it the same Socrates, or was it a sweetened memory? Was it the same Jesus? Buddha? Prophet Muhammad?

What about  Genghis Khan, Alexander, Cleopatra, Augustus, Napoleon? Einstein? We know for certain that they lived; the descendants of Einstein’s work power the processors that pump out what you read right now.

That’s all I’ve got, really. Another talent I lost with age: the ability to craft beautiful endings. Sigh. Here’s a crack at it anyway.

The reality is, we all end when our bodies end. The memories of you only matter to those who want to remember you. Living on in others’ memories is not equal to being alive. Heaven is a beautiful thought – but ultimately a consolation to those who were left behind.

On the other hand however, having no firsthand experience at being dead, this entire paragraph is but conjecture. Perhaps this whole post is just theory. Maybe if I die tonight, I will meet Einstein. How grand that would be.


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