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Microsoft. Aka Shameless Gates Worship

June 28, 2012

Another Evernote special. I’m so tech-savvy I make myself sick. (No I don’t). Here goes:

In the land of the nerds, Master Bill is king.

For one, he is one of the people who truly Changed the Fucking World. Think about it. This is the man who made Microsoft. Windows was revolutionary for many reasons. Perhaps many would argue that it was unoriginal. Maybe so. But Bill Gates was the man who made it big. Fucking huge actually. And in this vehicle,  Gates revolutionized the world.
Look at you, sitting in your office, pushing papers. Are you still pushing papers? Or are you, like me, smacking your sausagelike digits every day typing into Word or Excel? Yes, there is Libre Office but that’s just a side note. Linux wouldn’t exist today without Microsoft. Not without Windows making it big. Neither would Apple, not like this. There’s probably another scenario playing out in the multiverse where Bill Gates is a janitor and Steve Jobs is alive and quite well, thank you, in a monastery in India somewhere. In this same multiverse, the world is owned by Xerox and Fenchurch lives. Le sigh.

You see, in this world there are people who Make for the sake of making, and Art-ify for the sake of artsy-fartsiness. (Sorry. Turning off the snark.)  And then there are the people who exploit these Makers and Artists. Doesn’t matter, I’m going off course anyway.

There is Pride in Your Work… There is Pride in Your Salary. And I think that more of the time, the ones who truly make it big, make it massively big* – they are those rare few that really believe in what they are doing and will do whatever it takes to get there. Bill Gates did some pretty ruthless shit in his time, by the way. But then again, it’s the sort of stuff that turns people into Rockefeller, Morgan, et al.

It inspires the world and drives technological breakthroughs. Via copycatting, yes. And imo, that is how it should be. But why is that?

Sometimes all it takes for mankind’s giant leaps is a driving force, a massive motivator: this shit is gonna make me a hell lotta money.



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