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McDonald’s is Weird

October 13, 2012

So here’s another mediocre odd tale about McDonald’s.

I was sitting at the table having my teriyaki burger (not bad at all), minding my own business and reading Plato on Aldiko. I just finished my burger and was starting on the fries, which were a pretty generous portion for a regular. This old lady walks by staring at me, then kind of doubles back and hovers in front of me.

She asks if I can give her some fries. Well, er, okay. So she sits on the table next to mine and grabs a fry. She eats the fry… Except the tip of it, which she quietly drops back onto my tray. Rinse and repeat. Like, wtf. That’s the best part. Oh, and it was also kind of gross. Nevertheless, onward.

I ask her if she’s eaten (obviously not, duh) and she’s like no, just had some drinks, and that she’d been playing at the (slot) machines. By now I’m really not in the mood for fries so I tell her she can have all of them. She promptly takes the tray over to her table and helps herself.

Idly I wondered if I should go over to the counter and get her a burger or something. But sadly I’m not that lovely, thankyouverymuch.

So I just finish my drink, get up, tell her to enjoy her meal (lit. eat slowly / take your time) and go off to work.

For some strange reason people seem to like asking me for stuff at fast food joints. Couple of days ago at KFC an old man asked if he could have a drink. There was a cup of ice on my tray (the server gave it to me; weird, because I didn’t ask her to). He must have thought it was a cup of water. I told him it was just ice and he was like never mind then, and walked off.

Is it something about me, or fast food, or this place being a casino? Probably it’s the bizarre, miserable, embarrassing intersection of all three.

Am I rotten for not getting the old lady a proper meal? Anyway, it’s too late for pointless speculation.

Good luck, old lady. I hope you ended up having an abalone dinner and transportation home. Particularly the latter, actually.

Edit – minor update: So I was walking along the corridor outside the McDonalds and who do I see but the same little old lady? She’d changed her clothes too, so I guess maybe she could afford some kind of accommodation. (Note: getting a hotel room here is very affordable if you are a casino member and regular customer). Ah, the miserable intersection: me + fast food + casino, never a pretty mix. I don’t think she recognized me, or maybe she pretended not to. I did the same; why bother?

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