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Dreams… And Three Desktops

November 7, 2012


Speaking of future employers, my own list of possible future employers shall broaden considerably over the next few months since I’m leaving the hill. Yes, the hill of the lovely sunsets will be another memory of my (largely beige-bland and as yet rather brief) past.

On to the promised desktops:

This picture is of the VLT (Very! Large! Telescope!) at Paranal, somewhere in Southern Europe. I can’t tell you very much about it, having not read the Wiki, but they take breathtaking and very important space photos and they have a bunch of awesome wallpaper. Here reside their wallpapers. I quite like this one though I didn’t use it for very long, the reason being lack of eye candy on the side of the screen where I don’t park my browser.

Rainmeter skins: Elegance and Straight.

This one is a page off a manga called Memories of Emanon, which you can procure though various means off the Internets. It’s a lovely mystical SF tale and this was one of my favorite pages.

Rainmeter skin: Straight, entirely (lol).

This is the desktop I’m using right now. It’s pretty spiffy, yeah? Featuring Jo of Bakuretsu Tenshi (Bakuten). Not sure if this was meant to be a wallpaper, I think it was actually a poster image but where I got it from is lost in the aether.

Rainmeter skins: Dark Arcs, Elegance and Flat (for the network monitor).

And that’s all for tonight, folks!


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