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New Looks

January 10, 2013

At first I was going for a different (better) theme called ‘Wu Wei’. Well, no, at first I tested this theme and I thought,”meh… okay”. And then there was a better theme like I said, but the name of this theme is Hero, and I’m a sucker for Hero from Y:tLM, so here you are. Senseless rambling run-on sentences, check; excessive use of punctuation, check. Blog post complete.

Also, a desktop update at last:


A ton of Rainmeter themes this time: Serenity, Flat, Elementary, Elegance and the classic Arcs clock.

Wallpaper from ESO (linked in one of the previous posts).

Translucent Windows 8 taskbar as usual. I’d really like to move it to the top of the screen, but it’s too big. I can make the task bar icons smaller but not adjust the height of the taskbar so that it’s the same height as the icons. To wit:


Really, Windows 8? Really? Talk about godawful. Until I bother seeking out a hack for it, right-side taskbar it shall be. Or left, to spice things up. Or maybe even – gasp – in the bottom! Uh oh, now there’s a dangerous thought. One of these days I’ll go looking for a nice round taskbar. I’ve got a Rainmeter version I’d like to test out sometime. Exciting, isn’t it?


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